• National Prison and Sentencing Consultants

    We investigate, research and analyze every possible available basis for a departure and alternative to incarceration including avoiding the imposition of so-called mandatory minimums.

National Prison and Sentencing Consultants, Inc., NPSC, is a nationally known and widely acclaimed private consulting, research and investigative firm that assists federal and state offenders and their attorneys with all aspects of potential criminal sentencing as well as matters dealing with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We have built a national clientele and offer our services throughout the United States investigating, preparing and implementing sentence reduction strategies. We also assist white-collar offenders with prison reduction strategies and preparing for a term of incarceration. We specialize in federal prison sentencing but work in many states as well.

At NPSC, we believe that prison should be a last resort rather than a first option.

Our staff has been featured on MSNBC®, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, The Abrams Report®, Larry King Live, Fox News, Forbes Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Company and we have been extensively quoted and interviewed in Forbes, Newsweek, People Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times and The Washington Post, The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Times (of London), The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Denver Post as well as numerous other national and international print and electronic media outlets.

At NPSC, we do everything in our power to minimize the amount of time someone must spend in federal or state prison. Since January 12, 2005 when the United States Supreme Court ruled the United States Sentencing Guidelines to be advisory rather than mandatory, there are a multitude of personal and offense characteristics that can be considered by the courts in imposing a sentence. Indeed, on November 30, 2009 the US Supreme Court held that a defendant has a constitutional right and counsel has an constitutional obligation to investigate mitigating circumstances and factors for sentencing. We investigate, research and analyze every possible mitigating factor and available alternative to incarceration including avoiding the imposition of so-called mandatory minimums. We focus on offense and offender characteristics to insure that an individual rather than simply “another defendant” is sentenced. Below are a few of the services that we offer:

Federal Sentencing Factor Analysis

From the time of indictment, the alleged offender should know the applicable sentencing guideline level for the charges as well as all possible enhancements, adjustments and upward and downward departures and potential sentencing variances. This range will be a large factor in determining how long a defendant will spend in federal prison. National Prison and Sentencing Consultants thoroughly analyzes the indictment, the facts of the case, the Sentencing Guidelines and the alleged offender’s unique circumstances so as to determine the most likely sentencing guideline range. Quite often, the attorney of record then use our analysis to negotiate a palatable plea agreement.

Downward Departure Investigation

Many years or months of federal prison are simply left on the table by failing to fully investigate and explore the available downward departures and sentencing factors that can reduce or eliminate a federal prison sentence. Usually, an inmate realizes this fact when it is too late. It is possible for the court to reduce a sentence based upon age, drug/alcohol use, historical, educational and childhood and mental health factors, aberrant behavior and an entire array of additional considerations can be used to reduce a sentence. NPSC explores and investigates all possible avenues for a downward departure and reduction in prison time before a sentence is imposed. Do not wait until it is too late.

Diversionary Programs and Prison Alternatives

In both the federal and state systems there are diversionary programs or prison alternatives and programs that are available to an offender. In the federal system, there is the Residential Drug Abuse Program also known as RDAP or DAP that can reduce a sentence by up to 12 months. NPSC researches, investigates and proposes these alternatives and programs that can and will reduce the amount of time spent in a federal prison or help avoid incarceration altogether.

Plea Agreement Review

Prior to agreeing to a plea, it is imperative that an offender and their lawyer know with precision the amount of prison time that can and most likely will be imposed. We completely and thoroughly evaluate the proposed plea from a sentencing perspective so that the alleged offender and their counsel can make an intelligent and thoughtful decision. NPSC is not a law firm and there is no substitute for the advice of skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel.

Post Sentence Services

Even after a sentence is imposed, there are certain steps that can be taken to ensure that the defendant maximizes the amount of “good time” credits that can significantly reduce a term of incarceration. As well, pursuant to the Second Chance Act of 2007, the BOP can designate an inmate for up to 12 months of their sentence in a Residential Re-entry Center (Halfway House) and up to 6 months on Home Confinement. NPSC works with the defendant, their family and counsel to assist with facility designation to ensure that the defendant is sent to a facility with the most appropriate security classification and that offers the most appropriate programs.

Pre-Incarceration Assistance

NPSC offers prison preparation assistance and has individualized programs designed to assist an offender prepare for federal or state prison. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is as diverse as any prison system in the world and no two facilities are the same. We review all rules, regulations and procedures so as to minimize the trauma associated with incarceration and prepare you for the future. Being prepared for prison is one of the most effective ways to staying safe.